Feature Films
    Title Producer / Distributor Director


A Brooklyn State Of Mind Miramax-Norstar Ent. Inc Frank Rainone


A Christmas Story Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Bob Clark


A Switch In Time Norstar Entertainment Inc. Paul Donovan
    American Nightmare Brightstar Films .
    Baby Geniuses 2 Columbia/Tristar Pictures Bob Clark
    Baby Geniuses Columbia/Tristar Pictures Bob Clark


Being Different Astral Films Harry Rasky
    Birds Of Prey Pan Canadian Releasing Jorge Montesi
    Blackheart Alliance Releasing Dominic Shiach
    Blindside Norstar Entertainment Inc. Paul Lynch


Blown Away Norstar Entertainment Inc. Brenton Spencer
    Breakin' All The Rules Filmline James Orr


Bullies Norstar Ent. Inc./Universal Paul Lynch


Cold Sweat Norstar Entertainment Inc. Gail Harvey


Curtains Norstar Entertainment Inc. Jonathon Stryker
    Darkness Falling Norstar Filmed Entertainment Dominic Shiach
    Deadly Sword M S Art Services Ltd. .
    Double Take Lion's Gate Entertainment Mark Lester
    Fancy Dancing Norstar Filmed Entertainment .
    First Degree Norstar Entertainment Inc. .
    Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders   Howard Ziahm
    Frankenstein 88 Cinepix .
    From The Hip DeLaurentis Films Bob Clark
    Gas Filmline Les Rose
    Grizzly Falls Behavior Ent. Stuart Raffal
    Her Vengeance M S Art Services Ltd. .
    High Stakes Norstar Entertainment Inc. .
    Higher Education Norstar Entertainment Inc. .
    Hog Wild D. Heroux/Filmplan Les Rose
    I'll Remember April Regent Entertainment Inc. Bob Clark
    In Her Defense Productions De Films SD Inc. Sidney J. Furie
    Iron Eagles IV Norstar Entertainment Inc. Sidney J. Furie
    Isaac Littlefeathers Lauron Productions Les Rose
    It Runs In The Family Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Bob Clark
    Judgment In Stone Rawi/Schultz Ousama Rawi
    Karate Dog Crystal Sky Bob Clark
    Kidnapping Of The President Sefel Films Inc. George Mendeluk
    Liar's Edge Norstar Entertainment Inc. Ron Oliver
    Loose Cannons Columbia/Tristar Bob Clark
    Meatballs 3 C.F.P. Entertainment George Mendeluk
    Melanie Norstar Entertainment Inc. .
    Misbegotten Lions Gate Entertainment Mark Lester
    Mob Story Brightstar Films/Goldcrest .
    Murder By Decree Bob Goldston/AVCO Embassy Bob Clark
    My Bloody Valentine Paramount George Mihalka
    No Contest II Norstar Paul Lynch
    No Contest Tristar Paul Lynch
    Normanicus Norstar Entertainment Inc. Paul Donovan
    Now And Forever Peace Arch Entertainment Bob Clark
    Pale Kings And Princesses Boardwalk Productions Alan Wagner
    Popcorn Century Films/Studio 3 Mark Herrier
    Porky's II: The Next Day 20th Century Fox Bob Clark
    Porky's 20th Century Fox Bob Clark
    Prom Night II: Hello Mary Norstar Entertainment Inc. Bruce Pitman
    Prom Night III: The Last Kiss Norstar Entertainment Inc. Ron Oliver
    Prom Night IV: Deliver Us Norstar Entertainment Inc. Clay Boris
    Prom Night AVCO Embassy/Norstar Ent. Inc. Paul Lynch
    Reckless . .
    Red Blooded American S Entertainment Inc. .
    Saltwater Moose Norstar Entertainment Inc. Stuart Margolin
    Sentimental Reasons Pan Canadian Jorge Montesi
    Spenser For Hire ABC Television Paul Lynch
    Spoony Love Unicom .
    Stone Cold Dead . George Mendeluk
    The Base Lions Gate Entertainment Mark Lester
    The Brain Brightstar Films Ed Hunt
    The Club Norstar Entertainment Inc. Bretton Spencer
    The Dark Norstar Entertainment Inc. Craig Pryce
    The Ex Lions Gate Entertainment Mark Lester
    The Fourth Angel Sky Entertainment John Irvin
    The Ghostkeeper . Harry Cole
    The Housekeeper . Ousama Rawi
    The Last Garden Of Eden Independent Sher
  The Legbreaker M S Art Services Limited .
    The Lodger Kaleidoscope Entertainment Alfred Hitchcock
    The Murder M S Art Services Limited Peter Mehren
    The Pink Chiquitas . Tony Currie
    The Rage Miramax Sidney J. Furie
    The Vindicator Don Carmody/Cinepix .
    Three Card Monte Richard Gabourie Les Rose
    Title Shot Richard Gabourie Les Rose
    Turk 182 20th Century Fox Bob Clark
    Unleashed Crystal Sky Bob Clark
    Volatile Spot Film And Video .
    White Light Brightstar Films/Goldcrest Al Waxman
    You'll Never Miss It Unknown Randy Torno
  TV Feature American Clock Amblin Entertainment - Turner Bob Clark
    The Paris Conspiracy The Family Channel Everett Chambers
  TV Special Bright Nights, Dark Days Amadeus Speaks Charmaine Carvalho
    Miss Piggy's Christmas Children's Television Network Jim Hensen
    Neighbours In Harmony Lewis Manne .
    Perry Como's X-Mas Special . .
    The Muppets TV Special Children's Television Network Jim Hensen
    Whose Child Is This C.B.C - Witness .
  M. O. W Married To A Stranger The Family Channel Sidney J. Furie
    Secrets Of The Rose Garden MTM Productions Bob Clark
    Blue Murder Visual Productions/ C.H.C.H .
    Body Count Visual Productions/ C.H.C.H .
    Borrower Visual Productions/ C.H.C.H .
    Catch A Falling Star CBS Television Network Bob Clark
    Covert Action Barry Pearson/CBC Les Rose
    Deadly Pursuit Visual Productions TV Ltd. Lionel Shenken
    Derby Atlantis - ABC Television Bob Clark
    Diamonds Visual Productions Ltd. .
    Inside Split Visual Productions TV Ltd. Lionel Shenken
    Justice Denied Visual Productions TV Ltd. .
    Lady Bear Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Murder By Night MCA/Universal Paul Lynch
  Miniseries Chronicle of 1812 Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Ford: The Man And The Machine Hallmark Allan Eastman
    To Catch A Killer Tribune/CTV/SABAN Eric Till
  TV Series Backstage Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Baloney Cineplex Odeon Television Allen Koss
    Birds In Paradise Bennet Fode/Playboy Various
    Challenge Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Country Canada CBC .
    Dallas (Source Music) . .
    Divorce Court Empire Group Jeff Copeland
    Dr. Yes - The Hyannis Affair . .
    Eight Is Enough . .
    Ethan Allan . .
    Fudge-A-Mania Amblin/MCA Universal Bob Clark
    Fifties Connection Visual Productions/Global TV Lewis Mane
    Ghostwriters Visual Productions/C.H.C.H Yaz
    Hollywood Babylon Kaleidoscope Entertainment .
    Hollywood Camera Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Hotel . .
    Just Jazz Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Kids Of Degrassi (1 Epis.) Playing With Time/CBC .
    Kidsworld . .
    Kimba The White Lion Landmark Entertainment Peter Filion
    Let's Go . .
    Lively Country Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Lively Woman Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Makin' Trax Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Mania . Various
    Mr. Wizard's World Nickelodeon .
    Music Circle Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Ocean's Alive C.H.C.H Larry Schnur
    Parole Board Glen Warren Various Directors
    Predators And Prey The Family Channel Larry Gitnick
    Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop The Family Channel/CBS Int. Various
    SCTV Network CTV Various Directors
    Secret World Allan Sloane/Turner Broadcast Barry Clark
    Size Small Country . .
    Size Small . .
    Sounds Good Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Strange World . Various
    Tales Of The Klondike Norfolk/ CBC Television Various
    Terra X Kaleidoscope/Discovery Channel Larry Gitnick
    That's Incredible . .
    The Marriage Counsellor Boardwalk/Empire Various
    The Parent Trip Visual Productions Ltd. Lionel Shenken
    The Ron Oliver Show YTV Network Ron Oliver/Josh Morris
    The Waltons - (Partial) . .
    The Wayne Thomas Show Visual Productions/C.H.C.H .
    Those Amazing Animals . .
    Timelines CBC Michael Maclear
    Travellin' Music Visual Productions/C.H.C.H Various Directors
    Modesty Blaise Paramount Pictures Barney Rozensweig
    The Trouble With Trolls . .
  Documentary A Soldier's Peace CBC David Kirk
    Acts Of War CBC Michael Maclear
    Caught In The Cross-Fire Stornoway/CBC David Ostriker
    Flightpath Discovery Channel Michael Maclear
    Focus . .
    Magic Carpet Ride J. Rowsell .
    National Driving Test CTV Ian Mcloud
    Out Of Control Stornoway/CTV Network Les Rose
    Queen Charlotte Why Not Productions/ TV Ontario .
    Shotpoint 260 Chetwynd Films .
    Stanley Cup History Empire Group .
    Swords Of Freedom Westinghouse (Group W) Unknown
    The Test Of Your Life ATV Productions Ian Mcloud

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